Michael Britton
Petroleum Engineer

Responsibilities include providing a wide variety of petroleum engineering, underground storage engineering and mining engineering consulting services to oil and gas companies, gas transmission companies, natural gas and liquids storage companies, banks, trusts and institutional investors.


The University of Kansas (USA) 2013 -
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering


Continental Resources, Inc. Williston, North Dakota, USA [2014

Drill Site Supervisor (Cyclone 10, Nabors 784) On site management of the drilling pad. Responsible for overseeing daily drilling operations and completions of the wellbore. Daily communication and coordination with Directional and MWD services. Daily communication with the drilling engineer to implement the drilling plan efficiently. Supervise all 3rd party operations including running casing, cementing, logging, and PPK testing.

Continental Resources, Inc. Williston, North Dakota, USA [2014]

Rig Move Coordinator (Montana & South of the River) Provided logistical support of rig moving operations. Daily contact with drill site supervisor and rig moving company. Helped improve the efficiency of the rig moving operations reducing the “release to spud time” between two well pads.


Society of Petroleum Engineers
Solution Mining Research Institute

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