SMRI - Solution Mining Research Institute   

SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers       

SPEE - Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers  

SGA - Southern Gas Association

API - American Petroleum Institute       

EIA - Energy Information Agency

TRRC - The Railroad Commission of Texas    

LADNR - Louisiana Department of Natural Resources     

NYMEX - CME Globex


U.S. State Regulatory Agencies

Alabama - Alabama State Oil and Gas Board     

Alaska - State of Alaska DNR, Division of Oil and Gas       

Arizona - Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 

Arkansas - Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission       

California - California Oil, Gas & Geothermal    

Colorado - Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission   

Idaho - Idaho Geological Survey – Oil & Gas       
Illinois - Illinois DNR - Division of Oil and Gas       

Indiana - Indiana DNR - Division of Oil and Gas       

Kansas - Oil & Gas Conservation Division, KCC   

Kentucky - Kentucky Division of Oil & Gas       

Louisiana - Louisiana Department of Natural Resources      

Michigan - Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Mississippi - Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board       

Montana - Montana Board of Oil & Gas       

Nebraska - Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission   

Nevada - Nevada Division of Minerals       

New Mexico - New Mexico Oil Conservation Division       

New York - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Oil and Gas   
North Dakota - North Dakota Oil & Gas Division   

Ohio - Ohio DNR Division of Mineral Resources Management – Oil and Gas   
Oklahoma - Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Oil & Gas Division   
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - Oil and Gas
South Dakota - South Dakota Oil & Gas       

Tennessee - Tennessee State Oil & Gas Board       

Texas - The Railroad Commisssion of Texas       

Utah - The Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining       

Virginia - Virginia DMME Division of Gas & Oil   
West Virginia - West Virginia Office of Oil & Gas   

Wyoming - Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission   


Canadian Provincial Regulatory Agencies

Alberta - Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board 

Ontario - Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 

Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Energy and Resources 


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