Chris Weyand

Chris Weyand

Responsibilities include providing a wide variety of petroleum engineering, underground storage engineering and mining engineering consulting services to oil and gas companies, gas transmission companies, natural gas and liquids storage companies, banks, trusts and institutional investors.


Texas A&M University (USA) 2010
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering


Quorum Business Solutions, Inc., Houston, Texas, USA [2010 to 2012]

Sr. Consultant Developed technical solutions to address the functional needs of clients using Quorum’s midstream oil & gas accounting and business management products through on-site implementation and post go-live support. Specialized in gas plant accounting (processing & gathering) achieved through Quorum’s TIPS® (The Intelligent Plant System) software and associated imbalance and regulatory tax calculations. Maintained client relations by acting as a focal contact point and managing business needs for Quorum’s midstream gas clients such as BHP Billiton, Hess, MarkWest Energy Partners, Chevron and BP America.

Chevron Houston, Texas, USA [Summer 2009]

Reservoir Engineering Intern Examined low resistivity pay zones using rate transient analysis in South Texas Cisco-Benavides field to determine a reliable increase in predictable reserves. Evaluated and ranked several prospects in the field to determine most economic opportunities. Collaborated with geologists and petrophysicists to enhance understanding of reservoir behavior.

Polymeric Biomaterials Research Lab, (Texas A&M University) College Station, Texas, USA [Spring 2009, Fall 2009]

Lab Intern/Researcher Synthesized and characterized novel biodegradable shape memory polymers for biomedical application. Fabricated shape memory foams for potential applications to soft tissue engineering and cerebral aneurysm treatment.

Physiology Undergraduate Research Experience, San Antonio, Texas, USA [June 2008 - August 2008]

Lab Intern/ Researcher Performed preliminary testing of a pH sensitive protein’s ability to measure pH changes in nerve terminals of transgenic Drosophila. Attained experience with molecular biology techniques including DNA extraction, mini and midi prep., ligation and gel electrophoresis in efforts to clone particular reporter genes for intracellular monitoring.


Solution Mining Research Institute
Young Professionals in Energy

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